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Reason Beginers To Moderate Video Tutorials

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"Enter Reason!" is the latest release from Groovebox Corp, taking you from opening your first Reason song, to recording MIDI, programming and arranging patterns and loops, sequencer editing, quantizing, exporting, saving and more.

The CD-ROM is designed for the beginner to intermediate level user, and contains over 30 tutorials running over 3 hours. The CD-ROM works on both Mac and PC and is shot using Reason 3.x.

Tutorial Contents
1. Introduction
2. The Structure of the Reason song
3. Preparing a track
4. Creating Redrum phrase arrangements
5. Adding Dr.Rex percussion and drum loops
6. Composing a synth bass line
7. Tuning Redrum samples and loops
8. Adding sample hits
9. Arranging song phrases
10. Arrangement ideas
11. Transition ideas
12. Mixing the song
13. Saving the Reason song file
14. Advanced concepts

An Extras folder on the CD-ROM contains additional chapters, demo songs and ReFills. On a Windows machine you may have to right-click and explore the CD to access these files.

The Supplemental Documentation.pdf contains the following chapters.
1. Music Theory in Reason
2. Programming Subtractor Synthesizer Patches
3. Subtractor Synthesizer Effects
4. Special Effects
5. Matrix Pattern Sequencer
6. Wire and ReWire
7. Addendum

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Вы здесь » Free » Tutorials » Reason Beginers To Moderate Video Tutorials