[реклама вместо картинки]

Composers: Mark Morgan
The publisher of an album: Interplay Entertainment
Date of release of a soundtrack: 01.01.1997
Duration: 56:46
Quality of a soundtrack: 128 kbit
Volume of archive: 50 Mb

01 - Metallic Monks 4:54
02 - Desert Wind 4:26
03 - A Traders Life 5:07
04 - The Vault of the Future 3:12
05 - Industrial Junk 6:07
06 - Moribund World 6:32
07 - Vats of Goo 5:51
08 - City of the Dead 5:14
09 - Second Chance 5:06
10 - Underground Troubles 3:51
11 - City of Los-Angeles 4:33
12 - Followers Credo 6:28
13 - Radiation Storm 6:28
14 - Acolytes of the New God 4:46
15 - Flame of the Ancient World 4:46
16 - Khans of New California 4:46

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In due time Fallout was a cult. To admit as a cult there is it(he) both to this day. And here if you ask me, what associations arise at me at a word "Fallout", I shall answer you - to night without dream, other world and simply divine music.

Music in Fallout'е was thus, than there should be a music for any game. Without such soundtrack was not бо Fallout.

There is a certain type of people which prefers to play games without music. Their first step is directed aside the menu of adjustments(options) of a sound where they switch off all soundtrack. And so for these people was a shock to learn(find out), that in Fallout it appears there is a music - they accepted her(it) for any very good and atmospheric  - so the soundtrack was organically entered in game.

Above a soundtrack 2 persons worked, and Mark Morgan (Mark Morgan) has written all without exception tracks, and here Ronald Valdez (Ronald Valdez) wrote a "television" theme for backs.

The soundtrack is very powerful ambinet with вкраплениями various industrial sounds, and also howls of a wind and all those special effects which at us  associate with  the future. There is in it(him) something and from The Future Sound of London, rich conceptualism most likely, here it is difficult to tell.