Chris Rea – "Blue Street (Five Guitars)" (2003)
Style - pop-blues-rock
The quality / size - mp3 (vbr, lame-v0) (76mb)

1 Chris Rea - Blue Miles
2 Chris Rea - Blue Street
3 Chris Rea - Big C
4 Chris Rea - Big C Big Sea
5 Chris Rea - Hofner Break
6 Chris Rea - Heading for the City
7 Chris Rea - First Snow Mingus
8 Chris Rea - Piano Break
9 Chris Rea - Still Going To A Go Go
10 Chris Rea - Are You Ready
11 Chris Rea - Funk 48

Pass - kpax

Крис Ри it is recognized, as Санта-Клаус on the eve of Christmas, and it is predicted, as a calendar: his(its) well-known "slide" starts поскуливать in динамиках already to the middle of the third minute, and firm "мурлычущее" the tremolo opens the second track somehow gradually sprouting from first. However, the name of the musician already for a long time has turned to a brand - a symbol of stability; each next disk simply promises to the consumer one more portion of refined blues - fate. It is a pity, a little has not held on Крис up to completely tool album - ideal the lullaby would leave: soft, чуточку приджазованный the "electric" blues which has been stretched(which has been dragged out) on half-hour "as though" jam... But three last of a track are beaten out from the general(common) outline and beat on ears as an alarm clock - unexpectedly connected hoarse voice is replaced vigorous guitar фанком with snack. The everything else is quite digestible and harmonious, including stylish registration with use of author's water colors of the musician. Though, certainly, own label "JazzeeBlue" reflected Mr. Ri at all for realization of personal ambitions of the artist - designer..