Changes in DVDFab Platinum; September 30th, 2006 :

- New: Added support for latest version of copy protection FluxDVD, which can be found in commercial DVD download sites like
- New: Added support for new FluxDVD protection as found on "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift".
- New: Improved support for CORE X2 protection as found on DVD titles in Czech Republic and Slovakia.
- New: Added support for new Sony ARccOS protection as found on "The Woods" (US).
- New: Added option to put titles on Disc1 or Disc2 as much as possible for "Split".
- New: Added option to remove layer break.
- New: Detect if ASPI is installed and up-to-date on Windows ME, and provide download for latest working ASPI layer.
- New: Detect on-the-fly decrypter like AnyDVD and DVD43, and it's recommended to disable or uninstall them.
- New: Added text input boxes for Video Bitrate and Volume in "DVD to Mobile".
- New: Updated language files.
- Change: Improved CSS decryption.
- Change: Play sound when there is message for burning, like "please insert media to start write process".
- Fix: Error 400 when copying DVD in certain cases.
- Fix: A/V sync problem when converting DVD to Mobile.
- Fix: Clone failed when temp drive is FAT/FAT32.
- Fix: Jump to split title doesn't work for "Split".
- Fix: Several minor problems.