Featuring breakthrough video mixing technology, ClubDJ PRO is the must-have dj software for Professional Disc Jockeys!

ClubDJ PRO's powerful tool set, classic dual deck interface, Dac
-2 hardware support, quick media search, massive file format
support, and stable video/audio mixing environment will help you
maximize each and every performance!

Breakthrough Video Mixing TechnologyWith the vision to create a
leading-edge video mixing tool, MobileDJ Software joined forces
with to create one of the most advanced dj
software packages available, ClubDJ PRO! The end result is one
of the most innovative, affordable and stable video mixing dj
software on market today.

Superior Performance!You'll notice it the first time you use the
ClubDJ PRO dj software! From loading video, mixing real-time
video to displaying ambient visualizations, ClubDJ PRO offers a
noticeably superior and stable mixing platform. Extremely low CP
Usage, will provide you with the peace of mind and confidence you
require for each and every performance.

Find the right track, Right now!Quick Search allows you to scan
through thousands of media tracks in mere seconds. Browse by
artist, title, album, BMP, length, year or genre for immediate
mixing, or organize your tracks into saveable playlists for future

Supports More Formats:
Audio Formats: MP3, WMA, OGG, MP34, AAC, M4A, WAV
Video Formats: AVI, Mpeg1, Mpeg2, DivX, XVid
Karaoke Formats: MP3+G, WMA+G, OGG+G, WAV+G, MP4+G,
AAC+G, M4A+G, and also supports zipped karaoke formats!

Powerful Features:
Karaoke Support(MP3+G, WMA+G, OGG+G, WAV+G, MP4+G,
AAC+G, M4A+G) also zipped karaoke formats!
BPM detection (Audio/Video)
Pin-Point Tempo/Pitch controls (Audio/Video)
Volume Normalization (Audio/Video)
Ambient Visualizations
Classic Dual Deck Interface
Low latency Play and Cue
Treeview Record Case (See your media as it appears on your hard
Drag and Drop Media Library with re-sizable fields, re-orderable
fields, and removable fields
Quick Media Search (Scan your Media Library by artist, title,
album, BMP, length, year or genre)
Dac-2 Hardware Support
Dac-2 Emulator
History List
Save & Load Playlists
Shuffle playlist feature
Auto-Crossfading Feature
6 different video transition effects
Custom video performance options to allow you to control quality
vs performance
Quick "Fade Now" button
Fast/Smooth Video Transitions
14 Quick Sound-Effects buttons
26 Cue Points for each deck
Cue point indicator
Set Cue points within a fraction of a millisecond
Video Preview Monitors for each deck
Dual Display Support
ToolTips - Easiest way to learn how to use ClubDJ PRO
(Preferences = On/Off)
Custom Looping
Loop in loop out
VU Meter display
DRM enabled (Digital Rights Managed)
+12db/-24db 3-band equalizers, automatic gain correction.

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