Facial Studio is not based on a simple linear morphing approach like some other head generation software and it is using a very simple interface so you can create astounding heads in no time. In truth Facial Studio is much more than a simple modeling tool, it is a very complete suite of tools that helps you conquest the world of facial animation creation. From modeling to deformations, including Texture Maps Libraries and so much more.
You can easily generate different looking head in Facial Studio. Since you really have controls on every part of the head, you will not encounter the brother-type characters’ problem, except if you wish to, of course. Each and every one of your characters will be unique and inimitable...Trust us, the result will be incredible!
Facial Studio also includes a very powerful and easy to use PhotoMatching technology that allows you to create a head based on photos or drawings in less than 10 minutes !
Then using Facial Studio parameters you can tweak this head, and define your own poses to export the heads and all its deformations to your favorite package.
Now you can let your imagination go wild with Facial Studio...
Facial Studio exports to every major 3d applications including 3ds max, Cinema4D, LightWave, Maya, MotionBuilder, XSI and many others by using the FBX file format

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