NERO 7.5.7 PLATINUM Edition

Nero 7 Ultra Edition ENHANCED provides you with over 20 applications in ONE solution to complete all your digital media tasks on your PC and on your TV. The ENHANCED version now includes exciting new features to access your media files throughout your connected digital home, share files with family and friends, or take them with you on the go.

New Highlights in the ENHANCED Platinum Edition Version
* Nero Mobile Transforms your mobile phone into a mobile media center
* Nero Sipps Neros VoIP solution offering free PC-to-PC calling
* Full MP3 and mp3Pro Support
* Stream Live TV and other content to a Windows Media Center Edition or Xbox 360
* Record and burn your favorite TV programs
* Blu-ray & HD DVD Disc Data Recording
* Backup your DVDs & encode your video files to iPod and PSP*
* Now Supporting Audible Files

* Rip audio CDs and create music mixes for your MP3s
* Amazing sound quality with AAC & High Efficiency AAC (MPEG-4)
* Convert favorite LPs and Tapes to CDs without pops and cracks
* Create custom Playlists by artist, genre and title
* Mix and Edit your music like a DJ with multiple audio tracks
* Up to 7.1 recording, editing and mixing for HQ mastering
* Convert your audio files to your preferred format to take on the go
* Record, edit, remix and remaster your music like the professionals do
* Add audio effects to any track

Photos & Video:
* Easily capture video from digital cameras, camcorders, video capture/
TV tunercards and other devices.
* Enhanced Support for HDV cameras
* Easy creation of CD and DVD movie discs: Support for all common
formats such asVCD, SVCD, Mini-DVD, DVD-Video, DVDVR.
* Create Hollywood-style DVDs with 2D and animated 3D menu templates
* Backup DVD9 to DVD5: add new content, chapters & keep subtitles
* Support for all popular media formats including Nero Digital (MPEG-4)
* Compress to fit Mobile, PDAs, Home Theater and HDTV standards
* Capture, edit and export High-Definition (HD) video files
* Supports Dolby 5.1 channel encoding
* Combine photos & videos into entertaining musical slideshows
* Auto-fit multiple background soundtracks (MP3, WAV, Nero Digital)
* Easy photo editing tools: red-eye correction, crop, rotate, and much More!
* Browse customized image and video directories with quick search options
* Burn to DVD, SVCD and VCD or export to video file for sharing
* Stream media files across any UPnP compatible devices
* Free personalized website to share your photos & slideshows
TV and Home Theater
* Easily access, watch and burn all your digital media files from the
comfort of yourliving room using a remote control
* Turn your PC into a PVR
* Playback your Hollywood DVDs on your PC and your TV
* Support for Dual or Hybrid video cards. Watch one tv signal and record
another EPG(Electronic Programming Guide) support
* Integrates TV time-shifting & TV Recording
* Support for all popular media formats
* Powerful database for storing & organizing of media files into
Collections (Playlists)
* Complete multiple tasks concurrently

* Easy and complete system backup with Nero Backup Wizard
* Backup to CD or DVD, including Dual Layer DVD, and to FTP
* Disaster recovery of the entire operating system
* Supports Virus Check
* Automatic backups with improved Job Scheduler
* Secure your data with encryption & password protection
* Save disc space with compression technology
* Predefined file filters & file excluding list

The days of storing your photos in huge, heavy photo albums are over. With Nero 7 Premium, you can store, manage and edit all of your digital photos with ease. In addition to that, you can turn your photos and videos into slideshows, add transitions and music, burn them to DVD, and then give them to friends and family to watch on their DVD players.

**This Has Been Tested and Is Working Perfectly.. Everything you need is inside the rars'.Enjoy!!**
**Included also is Nero7 plugins

**5.1 Dolby Surround
Now get more out of your Nero 7 Essentials. With Neros DVD-Video/Multichannel Plug-in, the world of DVD recording and digital surround sound belongs to you, right in the comfort of your home. Dont just burn and guess. Now when you want to burn video files to DVD, you can be sure the data will be in the appropriate MPEG format to be played on any DVD player. Enjoy perfect sound right at home. Dolby Digital 5.1 helps you achieve cinema-quality sound in the comfort of your living room for the ultimate digital entertainment experience.

Listen to high quality Dolby Digital Stereo and Multichannel sound
* Master outstanding surround atmosphere with Dolby Digital 5.1
* Play DVDs
* Produce your own DVDs and play them on any DVD player
* Read CPRM protected media

Reach DVD standards by encoding and playing your videos in MPEG-2 format. Dolby Digital 5.1 brings movie theater atmosphere to your home with up to 5.1 audio channels: Left, Center, Right, and Surround channels, plus a powered subwoofer for low-frequency.

The DVD-Video Multichannel Plug-in supports:

* Dolby Digital (AC-3) 2.0 Encoding/Decoding
* Dolby Digital 5.1 Decoding
* Dolby Digital 5.1 Encoding *NEW
* Pro Logic Decoding
* MPEG-2/DVD Encoding/Decoding
* MPEG-2/SVCD Encoding/Decoding
* CPRM Read *NEW

What is Dolby Digital 5.1?
Dolby Digital 5.1 is a surround sound process that has gained considerable popularity with the proliferation of DVDs.

Dolby Digital 5.1 has separate channels for the left, right and centre speakers at the front end of the listening room, two surround speakers on the side walls and a subwoofer for bass effects.

Dolby Digital offers two fully independent surround channels which both transmit the full audio bandwidth, just like the three front channels. This generates real stereo surround effects for an even more convincing feeling of room depth, for even better positioning and for even more perfect sound quality.

To produce 5.1 channel DVD-Video content, Nero Vision upmixes 2-channel audio input source material into Dolby Digital 5.1 sound using the advanced Nero Upmix technology

Important Information:
The functionalities of the DVD-Video Multichannel Plug-in are included in Nero 7 Ultra Edition Enhanced.
The plug-in can only be used with Nero 7 Essentials.

**Nero PhotoShow Express 4
Easily create movie-like slideshows
With Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4, you can create amazing musical slideshows featuring your favorite photos and video clips. Create a 'one-click' PhotoShow in just minutes, or customize your show with included music, animated clip art, effects and captions.
Watch a sample PhotoShow.

Share your photos, videos and PhotoShows
What fun is capturing your memories if you don't share them? With Nero PhotoShow Deluxe, it's easy to share photos, videos and PhotoShows online! You'll be able to send photos as part of your emails, or even send complete PhotoShows as links to avoid large attachments that can clutter the inboxes of your friends and family.

Showcase your memories on your personalized website
With Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4, you'll get your own personalized website through Nero PhotoShow Circle premium membership ($50 value). You can arrange PhotoShows into galleries, customize your site with different themes and layouts, share an unlimited number of shows which don't time out, and even control who has permission to view your collection. Best of all, you can set up your Nero PhotoShow Circle site in just minutes.
View sample.

Create and Burn PhotoShow DVDs & Watch on TV
With Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4, it's easy to enjoy your memories on TV. Now you can easily create and burn great looking PhotoShow DVDs that anyone can enjoy. You can also order custom, professionally packaged PhotoShow DVDs. It's the perfect way to cherish memories, and PhotoShow DVDs make great gifts.

Everything you need is inside!!!

Nero Burning ROM
Nero Home
Nero StartSmart
Nero Express
Nero CoverDesigner
Nero PhotoSnap
Nero PhotoSnap Viewer
Nero Vision
Nero Recode
Nero MediaHome
Nero ShowTime
Nero7 Online
Nero ImageDrive
Nero BackItUp
Nero WaveEditor
Nero SoundTrax
Nero Fast CD Burning Plugin
Nero7 Webinstaller

Nero Toolkit
Nero InfoTool
Nero BurnRights
Nero CD-DVD Speed
Nero DriveSpeed
Nero ProductSetup

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