Thai-English English-Thai Version 4.0, Now Includes MP3 Sound Files - A Talking Dictionary. Thai Software's new version 4 of the Thai-English English-Thai dictionary CD has not only increased in size, but become truly multimedia with the addition of sound files to the dictionary. You can still enter a Thai word and get the English equivalent and vice-versa, but now there is much more on the CD.

Added to the So Sethaputra English-Thai and Thai-English dictionaries are a pictorial dictionary, a personal dictionary, a computer dictionary, government and non-government organization lists, a crossword game, a pop-up dictionary and both English and Thai sound files to the main dictionary. You can access the dictionary from inside other programs such as Microsoft Word or an internet browser. There is also a Thai language video tutorial on the CD. Do remember that the dictionary is really aimed at Thai users and most of the help and setup text is in Thai, but at this pirate-beating price it is well worth the effort to get into it.

The CD-ROM version of the famous So Sethaputra Thai-English and English-Thai dictionaries. Now you can translate English words and paste the Thai into your documents or vice versa. In the dictionary have 48,000 English words and 38,000 Thai words.


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