Replay A/V is the simplest and most powerful way to capture Video and Audio from the Web on your PC. Replay A/V does it all. Capture video clips and music. Record live, or schedule recordings to happen later. Automatically convert to 36 different video and audio formats, including iPod Video, iPod Audio and iPod Audiobook. Use the integrated Media Guide to pick radio and TV shows and stations. And best of all, Replay A/V is really easy to use.

Replay A/V makes it easy to save all types of online media. You can record almost any streaming audio and video instantaneously, or schedule recordings to happen automatically later. Plus, the integrated Replay Media Guide lets you pick shows to record with a single click.

Here's all the things you can record with Replay A/V:

* Video Clips (YouTube, MySpace, Google Video, etc.)
* Internet Radio Shows and Stations
* Internet TV Stations
* iTunes and Shoutcast Radio Stations
* Podcasts
* TV Tuner Cards
* Webcams attached to your PC
* Webcam feeds from the Internet
* Sirius Online
* XM Radio Online
* Radios, cassette players, or other audio devices attached to your PC
* Any audio you can hear on your PC!


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