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13 InterAKT Dreamweaver extensions

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General Information
Type.................: Application
Platform.............: Windows 9x/ME/2000/xp/2003
Serial #.............: kgn included
More Info............:
Compression Format...: RAR

Post Information
Posted by............: Sandibad
Posted to............: Demonoid
News Server..........: none
Posted on............: 28/09/2006
Parts per Day........: none
Release Notes

- KTML4Dev-4.0.14, actually version: KTML for Dreamweaver 4.1.6
- MX_AJAX-1.1.0, actually version: MX AJAX Toolbox 1.1.0
- MXCalendar-1.8.6, actually version: MX Calendar 1.8.6
- MXCharts-1.0.1 , actually version: MX Dynamic Charts 1.1.0
- MXCSSMenus2-2.1.0, actually version: MX CSS Menus 2.1.1
- MXCSV-1.8.6, actually version: MX CSV Import-Export 1.8.6
- MXKart3-3.7.1, actually version: MX Kart 3.7.1
- MXKol3Pro-3.7.1, actually version: Kollection 3.7.1
- MXNavPack-1.8.6, actually version: MX Navigation Pack 1.8.6
- MXRSS-1.8.0, actually version: MX RSS Reader-Writer 1.8.0
- MXTreeMenu-1.8.6, actually version: MX Tree Menu 1.8.6
- XML_Imp-Exp-1.8.6, actually version: XML Import-Export 1.8.6
- XML_Table-1.8.6, actually version: XML Table Export 1.8.6

so many $ .....
Adobe recently acquired the technology assets of InterAKT, maker of extensions
for Macromedia® Dreamweaver® from Adobe. The acquisition further strengthens
Adobe’s position as a leading provider of web design and development tools

MX Kollection PRO Features
CSS Skin Editor with live preview
CSS Menu Wizard for HTML sites
Display or hide content with conditional regions
Check InterAKT server for new product versions
CSS Skin Selector
Update and repair Transaction Engine files
Favorite server behaviors
Saving your Favorites configuration
Validate form input
Integration with other wizards
Send E-mail Trigger
Send e-mail to multiple recipients
Send Page Section by E-mail
Enter e-mail content manually or retrieve it from a file
Flexible connection to the mail server
Upload and resize images
File Upload
Generate and display image thumbnails dynamically
Download file
Intelligent image resize
Delete related files and images
Rename files on upload conflict
Create dynamic upload folders (by user, product, location, etc.)
Show dynamic image
Centralized login information
Check old password on "Edit account"
Restrict access to folder
Show if user is logged in
Database-driven CSS menu Server Behavior
CSS Menu property inspector
Choosing one of the predefined layouts: Horizontal, Vertical, Tabbed and
Choosing one of the available skins
Intuitive translator to help you visualize the menu in Dreamweaver
Database-driven CSS menu Wizard
Editing from the CSS panel
Replace dynamic textarea or text field with a KTML control
Configure the KTML properties from the Dreamweaver interface
Dreamweaver Translator
Dreamweaver Server Behavior
Automatically upgrade from KTML 3.7
Native Dreamweaver integration
Can be used with all current Server Behaviors and Commands
Convert a normal recordset to a visual one
Uses Dreamweaver to connect to the database
Offers a working implementation of SSI (Server Side Includes)
Eliminates the limitations of the standard method of requiring files in
Dreamweaver MX
No More Broken Design View in Dreamweaver
HTML and BODY Tags are stripped at run time
No More Broken Server Behaviors in the Included File
Meta keywords and meta description support
Improved Dreamweaver user interfaces and new wizard
Smart server behaviors to help you apply the Widgets in your forms
Widgets are automatically recognized as form elements
Nested Repeat Region Wizard
Nested Repeat Region
Looper Wizard
Nested Repeat server behaviors
Looper server behaviors
Dreamweaver Integration :: Wizards
Insert Record Form Wizard
Update Record Form Wizard
Insert Into Two Tables Wizard
Custom Form Wizard
Many 2 Many Wizard
Delete Record Wizard
Login Form Wizard
User Registration Wizard
Create NeXTensio List Wizard
Create NeXTensio Form Wizard
Manage NeXTensio Form Wizard
Manage NeXTensio List Wizard
Set the order for list and form fields
Char width for text fields
Set the order in which form fields are displayed
Dependent Drop-down Wizard
Import XML Wizard
Dreamweaver Integration :: Server Behaviors
NeXTensio List Layout
NeXTensio Form Layout
Creating a QuB Recordset
Editing a Recordset
Server-Side Includes From List
Server-Side Includes From Table
Server-Side Include
Date Picker
Dependent Drop-down server behavior
Editable Drop-down (Combo box)
Masked Text Field
Numeric Text Field
Comma-separated Checkboxes
Restricted Textarea
Multi-field Drop-down (Combo box)
List Sorter
Autocomplete Text Field
Smart Date
Comma-separated Menu
Comma-separated Selector
Import XML Transaction
Export Recordset as XML
XML Recordset
MX Kollection Pro Features
Multiple File and Image Upload to Folder
Watermark support
Download Counter
Image Upload Quality Setter
Delete Folder
Multiple File and Image Upload to Database
File List Recordset
Show Image in Pop-up
Upload Progress Bar
Show Media Object/Thumbnail
Security Image (Captcha)
Filter Offensive Content
Multiple Check Unique Fields
Delete Detail File/Folder
Compare Transaction Fields
Convert to XHTML
Maximum Login Tries
Account Expiration Date
Login/Logout History
Session Timeout and Who's Online
Send Email Attachments
Alternate Colors
Many to Many with Supplemental Fields
NeXTensio Master-Detail
Database Integration
Database cache in Dreamweaver
Intelligent error handling
tNG execution trace
Improved error handling
Development and Production modes
Build enjoyable (rich) web applications (RIA)
Improved Dreamweaver User Interfaces
Wizards and tabbed interfaces to guide developers
User Interface Persistence
Hide the complex Transaction Engine details
InterAKT Dynamic Data - simple markup language for common code blocks
Control Panel to edit your site and Dreamweaver settings
Automatically generate and synchronize error messages with validation formats
Set the importance of an e-mail
Set different encoding for e-mail content
Use images instead of text in the menu
Support for rollover images
Use background images for the menu entries
Easy customization and creation of skins
Compatible with Dreamweaver templates (DWT)
PSD and PNG files for skin editing
Clean HTML content
Contextual help for editors
Shortcut Keys
Switch between code/WYSIWYG view for HTML code editing
HTML Code Formatting
Remember selection from Design View to Code View
Improved Tag Selectors
Glyph handler
Right-click contextual menus for fast editing
Edit multiple images at once
Insert thumbnails
Remember toolbar button configuration
Clean up and spellcheck selected text
Rapid Application Development - manage your generated pages
Automated database introspection
Single page for CRUD operations
Productive recordset insertion
Set default values for form fields
NeXTensio List Filter Persistence
Query Management Panel
Query manipulation similar to Access
Extract information from multiple tables
No advanced SQL knowledge required
No SQL syntax errors for generated code
Queries stored in repository can be loaded for reuse
Eliminating duplicate code
Google indexing optimization
Apply form controls on dynamic form elements
Drop-down menu with popular masks
Intelligent date formatting
Generating code for a common task
Multi-level nested repeat regions
Export all fields or a selection
Transfer data as file or as URL
Handle duplicate entries
Useful Hints
Generated Code
Conditional Triggers
Improved Transaction Engine to support new features
Object Oriented Generated Code
Triggers associated to multiple transactions
Date locales
Multi-language resources
Enables the requirement of multi-level files
Linking files using relative paths
Smart way of doing Code-Reuse
Include files from any folder
New engine that fixes all relative links from included files
Retrieve Java Scripts and CSS's from included files
Customizable 404 page
Dynamic table with the selected region repeated on x rows and y columns
Form Generation Features
Forms built with CSS and HTML Code
Display hints for form elements
Intelligent "Required" fields
Custom error messages
Send text or HTML E-mails
Support an unlimited number of depth levels
Optimized database query to retrieve the menu hierarchical information
Support large HTML text editing with small performance hit
Small size of the editor for fast loading over the Internet
"Lazy load" of editor sections when needed
Performance optimization – high loading speed
Limit image dimensions on server
Complex table sorting algorithm for optimized SQL queries
AJAX for maximum speed
Optimized information loading
Auto-complete information in drop-down
Default values for widgets
Redirect To Page trigger
Specify the allowed file and image extensions
Secure file download
Restrict Access To Page
E-mail account activation
Encrypted password
Show If User Is Logged In
Safe Mode for unsupported browsers
Security check upon upload
Securely save information in the database
Restrict user input to mask
Restrict numeric values to a specified interval
Allow float values
Restrict the maximum number of characters
Custom masks and regular expressions
Page Behavior
Maximum usability when handling validation errors
Comprehensive validation rules
Client-side form validation
Complex form validation rules
Use Mark-up Language to dynamically compare form fields
Keep your database clean
Cascading delete operations on MySQL
Automatically convert CSS and image links when sending an e-mail
Display dynamic thumbnails
Solid user registration
Intuitive login page
Forgot password page
Save user variables in session
Auto login ("Remember me")
Completely based on CSS and Javascript
Highlight selected menu entry and its parents to help your visitor navigate
While navigating the menu, trails remain on the screen
Smart Menu fly-out to never get out of the screen area
Easy configurable menu open and close times
Sub-menu animation
Positioning of menu and sub levels
Mouse stabilizer for easy browsing
Naturally handle events in widgets
Masked Text Field
Numeric Text Field
Smart Date
Date Picker
Restricted Textarea
Editable Drop-down
Dependent Drop-down
Multi-field Drop-down
Comma-separated Checkboxes
Comma-separated Menu
Comma-separated Selector
List Sorter
Auto-complete Text Field
Allow negative values checkbox
Page Behavior :: List Features
Sort records in your lists
Advanced filters for lists
Smart SQL queries for NeXTensio lists
Move up/down records
Duplicate list buttons and navigation bars
Hide/Reset filter link
Alternate colors and highlight the selected row with CSS skins
Redirect if page is empty after delete
Page Behavior :: Form Features
Edit multiple records at the same time
Insert multiple records at the same time
Preserve changed information
Same page for insert and update
Prevent double insertion (disable submit buttons)
Grid for multiple insert/update (like Excel)
Auto-increment order fields
Duplicate form buttons
Editor Features
Revolutionary Image Editor
Excellent Word compatibility
Easy to use Word-like toolbars
Improved CSS formatting
Text Formatting :: Visual CSS Selector
Improved table support
Multiple file upload
Remote File Explorer
Sharpen, filter and resize images
Word-like spellchecker
Right-click contextual menus
Support for Flash, AVI and QuickTime files
Easy insert links to documents
Hyperlink picker
Anchor support
Improved Property Inspectors
Find & replace
Insert special characters
Manage content using templates
Create HTML forms inside KTML
Create custom dictionaries
Collapse/expand the toolbars and properties panel
Superscript & subscript
Smileys support
Improved Undo/Redo Manager
Full window mode
Configurable Fonts, Colors and Special Character sets
CMS Integration
Integrate KTML 4 into Nukedit (ASP VBScript)
Integrate KTML 4 into WordPress (PHP)
Integrate KTML 4 into Nucleus (PHP)
Integrate KTML 4 into Mambo (PHP)
Integrate KTML 4 into FarCry (ColdFusion)
CSS skins for your NeXTensio lists and forms
Pixel-perfect column widths
User interface consistency
Show links as buttons
Visual Query Editing
Ergonomic workspace divided into five panels
Help buttons/icons on each panel and dialog
Display the list of currently saved queries
User confirmation on query close
Save or discard changes in edited queries
Search for and through queries
Functional buttons in the Query List Panel
Easily add tables to queries through the Tables Panel
Logical view of the database tables with the Database Diagram
SQL/Results Preview Panel
Contextual menu to refresh table fields
Double-click on a table to see all its rows
Visually represent relations between tables
Edit table relations by right-clicking table links.
Drag & drop tables to conveniently arrange them in the diagram
Zoom in/out for large queries management
Quick access to most common operations using Query menu.
Visual Query Editing :: SQL Generation
Create SQL JOINS between tables
Support for aggregated fields
Define complex conditions to be applied on query fields
SQL conditions code automatically written
Automatically add GROUP BY construct for aggregated fields
Improved SQL generation engine for better queries
Supported databases
Server models
Platform compatibility
Supported image formats
Supported image libraries
Supported browsers
Supports UTF 8-character standard
Multi-language support
Solid Firefox support
Works on Windows and MAC (Mozilla or Firefox required for MAC users)
Tight database integration – SQL'92 data types to help you understand the data
Thoroughly tested with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access 2000 and MsSQL
Works on any database supported by Dreamweaver
Needs Java Script support activated
Compliant with all manual/automatic generated forms in Dreamweaver
Integrated Dreamweaver Help
Step by step and real-life tutorials
Comprehensive user manual
Contextual help
API (Application Programming Interface) Documentation
Standard Compliance
CSS styles used for form elements
WAI compliant code
W3C compliant code
XHTML compliant code
Generate XHTML 1.0 compliant code
Support for WAI Standard
VPAT Accessibility Standard
Install Notes
1. install extension(s)
2. Run Dreamweaver
3. on the interakt nag screen select activation
4. Select offline activation
5. Copy the generated clinet code to the keygen

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RarPass: csuba


Apocalypse... написал(а):



Gracias hermano ]Excelente.. desde PEru


DW 8.02    KTML 4.0 конфликтует с MX kollection 3.7_1 работает либо NextTensio  либо KTML  По идее должно лечиться KTML pro 4.1 а где его взять ?

Если кто знает подскажите.


hi can you find MX NEWSLATTER ?


I must find mx newslatter please help mee :(

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