Strata 3D CX 5.0

RELEASE-DATE : 2006-09-26
RATING : 08/10
Num. Disks : 25 x 15,00 MB + 6,81 MB
TYPE : 3D Application

P r o d u c t I N F O
3D You can use
Strata 3D CX 5.0 adds tremendous power while becoming even more user-friendly. Workflow and tools are now more familiar than ever to Adobe customers. More power for modeling, animating - and now scripting - have been added to Strata 3D CX 5.0. In short, this is the most important 3D application release for designers, illustrators and mixed-media artists - ever.

Interface familiarity
Entering a new world can be confusing. Strata 3D CX takes artists into the third-dimension using familiar and friendly interface elements that make the journey a pleasure. New palette features such as Docking, Stacking, Expert Settings and Auto-Collapse have been added. The new Status palette includes a History tab for multiple undos. Strata 3D CX 5.0 works the way you expect.

Scripting power
Strata 3D CX 5.0 provides new scripting power via the popular Lua scripting language. Used by a host of 3D games and engines, Lua gives the user the power to add almost any feature or effect they desire. And for those not inclined to do scripting they can rely on an army of third-party developers and users to create and share new scripts. Scripts that ship with Strata 3D CX 5.0 include Twist, Bend, Wave and more.

Quad modeling
The most powerful modeling technique going is SDS (subdivision surface) - and Strata 3D CX 5.0 takes it even further by adding support for Quad Meshes and the Catmull-Clark algorithm. The CX Polyspline modeler has also added the new Magic Wand tool, support for Mirror, Bridge, Connect, Flip, Unify and more.

Animation control
CX 5.0 introduces the Motion Stopwatch and an all new bones and IK (inverse kinematics) system has been added. These powerful new systems also make it possible for a suite of new plug-ins from Greenbrier to be made available for importing Poser models, applying voice control from applications like Mimic and importing motion capture data to apply to your own models.

Adobe Layers
Possibly the most powerful new features in Strata 3D CX 5.0 are the Adobe connection features. These include improved native Photoshop file import for linked 3D textures and improved native Illustrator import to create 3D objects ; Filter FX where Photoshop-style filters get applied to any object or scene based on position, size, direction, depth, light color, light direction, light distance, etc. ; and Render to Layers where each image component gets rendered out as a separate layer in a native Photoshop ".psd" file .

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