Artist  : Stephan Mathieu & Janek Schaefer
Title   : Hidden Name
Genre   : Ambient
Year    : 2006
Date    : Dec-2006
Bitrate : VBR kbps
Tracks  : 11
Label   : Cr≤nica 027-2006
Source  : CDDA
Length  : 60:00 min
Size    : 79,1 MB

01.white wings - child okeford            07:12
02.score for a line                       05:14
03.hidden name                            06:12
04.cosmos                                 02:47
05.aisle                                  01:34
06.quartet for flute, piano and cello     05:56
07.fugue                                  05:35
08.maori love songs                       01:43
09.six hills giant                        02:17
10.belle etoile                           01:53
11.the planets                            19:37

                                          60:00 min

Stephan and Janek met each other for the first time at MUTEK in 2002, where they performed on the same night, and shared bills at several festivals around the world in the following years. They discovered a mutual
respect for each others work, being interested in the opposite ways they both approach the manipulation of sound, while sharing similar ambitions. Their first joint performance took place at the Musica Genera Festival in Szczecin, Poland in Spring 2005 which led to them wanting to produce a project together.

A little later that year, midsummer had arrived. They spent a week in the beautifully calm, pastoral setting of Manor Farm House, the home of a classical composer in a small village in the South of England.
Stephan and Janek made recordings using the large collection of classical and exotic instruments, a box of records found in the attic, and made location
recordings in and around the house.

Finally, they took this material to the York Music Research Center, a building specifically constructed for the presentation of loudspeaker music. It is considered one of the best electronic music auditoriums in the UK. They spent a week working there during the winter of 2005, composing and editing their favourite moments which then became the album Hidden Name.