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Sony Acid Pro v6.0d Build 363

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ACID Pro 6 helps your musical creations stand apart from the crowd. Its automatic time-loop stretching and and tempo-matching technology help you create music that's club-ready, in your home. Its straightforward pick, paint and play functions deliver a new formula for groundbreaking music. Automatic pitch & tempo matching real-time loop previewing, and unlimited tracks combine with powerful new MIDI functions to the three key components in modern music creation: Loops, multitrack editing and MIDI.

You'll start creating great music, right out of the box. Expand your sound palette with professional effects, native support for VST instruments and DirectX audio, and Soft Synth support Transform loops & MIDI tracks into fresh, new sounds with exclusive Groove Mapping & Groove Cloning tools; change the groove of a track, apply different grooves to the same track, or extract a groove from one file and apply it to another Powerful Media Manager tools help you tag, organize and search your content, with folder tracks and cluster editing tools Work with multiple media clips on one track - automatic crossfades tie everything together Includes custom edition of KOMPAKT -- the full-featured VSTi sample playback engine with over 120 instruments Also includes over 1,000 Sony Sound Series loops


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Блин! Вторую ссылку удолили...Фак!
Ладно! Скачаю у них и найду к нему кряку..


Почему удалили? Обе работают...


"-Меня терзают смутные сомнения"
Очень странно! Вчера вторая сылка не работала,т.е там писали ,что файл удалён!

Отредактировано Chill (2007-03-20 14:04:34)


Всё,скачал! Спасибо тебе Апокалипс,что проверил ссылку и не поленился написать. :friends:

Вы здесь » Free » Soft » Sony Acid Pro v6.0d Build 363