Some Freespace, Wing Commander, and secret spice all mixed together! The control of this game is flawless! Never have I had so much control with my fighter. The game's graphics are not top-notch, but they get the point through. The coolest thing is that there is basically an endless opportunity of things to do within the game. The RPG/Space-Combat touch is real nice, and the performance of the game is wonderful. Voice-acting is accurate, and the game itself is just a joy to explore. (FYI: Hot-keys are plentiful)

Overall, this game is absolutely a must-buy. Fans of space-combats, simulations, first-person shooters, and RPGs will certainly enjoy what this game has to offer. Take your time in the game and explore what the developers made for you. This is truly a work of art. Go out and get Freelancer and start blasting rogues today!

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