Are you tired of taking hundreds of digital pictures and then not being able to easily print them out and show people?

Life Poster Maker will now let you do just that! Create a larger than life poster of your life! Hang it on the wall and let everyone see what a great photographer you are.  Life Poster Maker will create any size poster that you can proudly display anywhere. Create a poster for each of your children, your sports activities and of course all your relatives.

Version 2 is now here! With an easier interface and more features you can create a one-of-a-kind photo collage that everyone can enjoy. Add your photos, move them around, add various enhancements and you'll be done in no time! Not only can you create large posters but you can create small prints as well.

A poster created from Life Poster Maker will be suitable for framing and makes an awesome gift. Grandparents and other family members will be delighted to receive their own photo poster! Your brother's 40th birthday will never be forgotten when its blown up and hanging on a wall! Remember that posters don't have to be just about your family either! Create them for sporting events, church activites, high school reunions, conferences or any other event you have pictures of.

Life Poster Maker Key Features:
* Drag & drop your pictures and place them where you want.
* Autocrop feature make the entire process extremely fast!
* Add shadows, captions and other enhancements to each photo.
* Makes any size poster.
* Posters make great gifts!
* Show off your pictures!

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