Audio Zone Trigger is a sound detection software. Created by Omega Unfold, Audio Zone Trigger takes live audio from any input source and enables the computer to react to it in a user-specified manner.

What makes this software hot?
Audio Triggers. They are filters that you put on the sound wave, they put thresholds on them, and perform the actions that you have selected when the thresholds are broken.

Audio Zone Trigger’s sound-detection system lets you set any number of Triggers that perform any number of user-defined responses (record sound, run a file, execute a hotkey, etc.). The triggers can also dynamicaly adap to the environment's sound volume to detect only sound peeks. You can set each trigger's sensitivity and actions individually, giving you full control.

Audio Zone Trigger was designed for:
* Security: Record audio or start an alarm when a trigger is set off
* Home automation: Mouse and keyboard control, execute processes.
* Integration: Can send trigs and audio to Webcam Zone Trigger

Some of the many features of Audio Zone Trigger
* Detailed logging
* Can start automatically when computer is turned on
* Can run hidden and controlled with a taskbar, or hotkeys

Some of the available actions when triggered:
* Play sounds and audio alarms (.WAV files)
* Record sound (.WAV, .WMA)
* Run any file format (.EXE, JPG, MP3, etc.)
* Count sequentially
* Left click the mouse
* Activate HotKeys

System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003
Intel® Pentium® III 800 MHz or higher
Sound capture device

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