Watch and learn as concept artist Marko Djurdjevic of Massive Black Inc. creates four detailed characters from start to finish. Also included: Marko's portfolio, a 15 minute documentary, and additional "quick tips."

Marko Djurdjevic is a true visionary, his characters will not only seize your breath, they will punch you hard as well. With this DVD you will find yourself mesmerically lured into his vivid and wicked world. As highlighted in the DVD Marko Djurdjevic got no traditional art school background, which is perhaps what makes this so interesting. The DVD serves both for the beginner as well as the seasoned professional artist because the DVD is inspirational and educational.

This DVD is something I would recommend every artist to have in their library, if nothing else just because it will show you a completely different way of doing things. The second DVD is a very cool bonus and a nice surprise, which only goes to show that this is a production made with a heart and soul.

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