Pano2QTVR is a panorama software to convert panoramic images into the Quicktime VR (QTVR) of Macromedia Flash (swf) format.

The converter is available as a limited free version (for non-commercial use) and a Pro version with enhanced features.

Pano2QTVR allows you to create cylindrical and cubic panoramas with hotspots, autorotation and background sound. The additional FlashPack exports those panoramas also to Macromedia Flash 8.

The input can be a single equirectangular image
or six separate cube faces.
It is also possible to convert between these two formats for retouching the cube faces.

Object Movies
With Pano2QTVR Pro you can also create single and multi row object movies with unlimited view states and embedded animation. The input could be a single strip
or individual images which can be arrange on a virtual light table

With Pano2QTVR Pro you can also create various types of thumbnails like
* Equirectangular
* Little Planet
* Tunnel
* Mirrorball
* Sphere
* Default View

Other Features
The Pro version allows you to add automatic rotation, image/Flash overlays and background sound or all at once. You are able to import up to 10 additional sprite tracks.
The software also includes HTML templates for Quicktime, PTViewer, DevalVR and SPi-V. You can add templates for other viewers or modify them to fit your needs.
For easier batch processing you can pack all these features into a Droplet on your desktop to create multiple panoramas with HTML-Files and Thumbnails with just one click.

Feature Matrix
- Create cylindrical and cubic panoramas
- Create object movies
- Export the panoramas as Macromedia Flash (swf) file
- Export the object movies as Macromedia Flash (swf) file
- Create up to 255 hotspots
- Create a grayscale or colored preview track with a chosen reduction factor - Generate subtiles for progressive download and rearranging them for the default viewing direction
- All major QuicktimeVR parameters can be set for example fov, pan, tilt, protection, compressed headers, userdata,...
- Spot the detail for the initial viewing parameters, and grab this position
- Spot the detail in the next linked movie for virtual tours
- High quality is enabled (more information)
- Extract the cube faces for retouching and assemble them to the final output - Direct usage of the pano12.dll (if available), no annoying pop-up windows between the steps
- Manipulate nearly all parameters with the GUI
- Multiple, structured config files
- Droplets for Drag & Drop batch processing of multiple files
- Import up to 10 sprite-tracks, sound files, images, Flash movies,...
- Background sound for panoramas
- Import autorotate sprite for panoramas
- Create thumbnails from the source image (GIF, TIFF and PNG also with transparent channel)
- Create HTML Files for Quicktime, DevalVR and PTViewer
- Create vertical Image strips for SPi-V and Immervision Pure Player
- Objects: Specify animation and autoplay speed with rotation or ping-pong
- Objects: Unlimited viewstates and animations
- Objects: Different controllers like grabber, joystick and absolute position
- More than 100 scriptable parameters
- Use the output files for commercial purposes

Microsoft Windows 95 - XP.
Quicktime 6.5.0 or higher to use Pano2QTVR. To view the output files you need Quicktime 5.0 or higher.

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