Out Of Phase - N.E.W. Sound Experience

Label: Wagram Music
Release: 2002
Style: Ethnic Fusion

01. Sand
02. Arabella
03. Ship Of The Desert
04. Orion Is Watching
05. Half Set Of Co-ordinates
06. Shamala Tak Tak
07. Deceptively Similar
08. Day Of The Gods
09. The Meaning Escapes
10. Promise
11. Dressed In Silk
12. Sa-Hel


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Peter Mossman: Keyboards, Logic, Didgeridoo
Maska: Sitar, Banjo, Oud, Violin, Guitar
Trine Bjorstrup Bondensen: Vocals, Sax, Recorder
Francisca Requejo: Vocals, Clarinet, Castanets
Renato Dias Correa: Percussions
Tira Skamby Madsen: Percussion
Abtin Soheili: Vocals
Cecilie Sofie Svensson: Vocals on track 4
Alex Choub: Bass on track 8
Svend Aage Andersen: Sitar on track 11