Reduces High ISO Camera Noise by 2-3 stops automatically
Preserves Details, Textures and Sharpness
No Image Degradation
2 - 4 times faster than best competitors

STOIK Noise Autofix implements the first noise reduction algorithm that allows fully automatic operation. The program automatically cleans noise in photos obtained from digital cameras, cameraphones, and scanners.

The software includes modules of noise detection, noise analysis and noise filtration which are statistically trained to provide optimal balance between noise reduction and preservation of image details. The noise in digital photos is reduced by 2 - 3 stops, so that the noise level of the photo shot at ISO 1600 is effectively reduced to ISO 200 - 400 levels.

One-click operation. Fully automatic functions:
* noise detection
* noise profiling
* noise profile analyzing and correction
* filter adaptation to noise pattern based on statistical image quality criteria (improved in v. 1.5)
* noise suppression with details preservation (improved in v. 1.5)
* sharpening
Optional manual fine tuning:
* change noise detection/false alarms levels
* adjust image details preservation level
* adjust noise reduction amount
* Import 24- and 48-bit color JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, PSD files
* Output JPEG, TIFF (24 and 48 bpp), PNG, BMP
* EXIF data preservation in JPEG and 8/16/24/48 bpp TIFF output files
* Drag-n-drop files from Explorer or copy-paste images from Clipboard
* "Autofix noise and save copy" command in in context menu of Windows Explorer to process multiple selected files
* "Open with STOIK Noise AutoFix"command in context menu of Windows Explorer
Assistant window.

STOIK Noise AutoFix uses sophisticated adaptive algorithms, innovative image representation, and optimal statistical methods to achieve the outstanding noise reduction results. The main internal modules of the software are:

- Noise detector is based on Bayesian classifier that was trained to distinguish typical camera noise patterns from natural image textures and fine details.
- Noise analyzer builds noise profiles and calculates optimal filter parameters according statistical image quality criteria.
- Locally adaptive Noise suppression filter is based on multi-resolution image representation and statistical decision-making procedures.
- The software includes also automatic multi-resolution smart sharpening filter with halo effect reduction.
- The software works in fully automatic mode providing the balance between noise reduction and preservation of image details.
- Filter can be easily fine tuned manually to reach best visual quality for particular classes of photos.
- New specific scenes with unusual noise patterns can be easily added to training image set.

System Requirements
Windows 98SE, ME, 2K, XP, Vista
Pentium III 550 or equivalent
10 MB HD space
128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)

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