Box Shot - noun ; Graphical image used to emulate a physical box. Used to promote a selected product on the internet.

How are you promoting your products on your site? Are you catching your visitors attention? In an online world people still hunger to shop in a real store and hold a real box. Give the people what they want, build a virtual box! True they can't hold it, but a box shot does have a significant ability to catch their eye.

Now you can build a great box in no time! With Just BoxShots you can create the box faces and build the final output all from within the program itself. You no longer need to use another graphic application to build your box faces.
Just BoxShots will let you add images, text and other objects to create a box you can be proud of. Be sure to check out some of the sample boxes we have already created with Just BoxShots! These templates are available when you buy the program. You can have a box shot for your product in minutes!

With Just BoxShots you can point and click your way to a fantastic box in no time. Use one of the many templates or create your own. The only limitation is your imagination!

Using the studio shown below you can quickly add text and images to your box shot layout. Editing your layout is easy, simply click on the object and the options dialog will appear letting you quickly click away to make your changes.

Just BoxShots Key Features:
* Gives a better company profile.
* No need for any other program, advanced studio lets you build your box layout and generates the final box shot.
* Creates stylish 3D boxes
* Create DVD boxes as well as jewel cases
* Easy to build, just a click to generate.
* Lots of effects to spice up your box shot.

OS : Windows All

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