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For Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP and Vista.

Graphic Workshop Professional is the image management package for Windows, and the ultimate digital darkroom. It features support for over 50 popular graphic formats; multiple browser windows; batch processing and conversion; thumbnails; a rich library of image filters and a lot more. Whether you'd like to browse your image collection and view pictures, convert between formats, print your graphics as hard copy, acquire images from a digital camera, maintain a sophisticated keyword database, decode pictures from the Internet, process and fine-tune your photographs... the list of Graphic Workshop's functionality can run for pages.

Its extensive documentation and a lively, approachable tutorial will have you up and running in minutes.

Graphic Workshop Professional received top ratings and awards at Wugnet, Soft 32, ZD Net, Softpile, Tucows and others.

Graphic Workshop Includes:

Convert between over 50 popular image formats.
View files in any of the supported file formats.
Display a slide show of images.
Search your hard drive and other storage devices for graphics.
Apply interactive image filters to your graphics, including soften, sharpen and emboss.
Create sophisticated textures and fractals.
Print image files to any printer supported by Windows.
Dither colour images into halftones.
Rotate image files in any increments.
Flip image files vertically and horizontally.
Scale images up or down with optional anti-aliased scaling.
Colour reduce and colour dither images.
Adjust image colour, contrast and brightness.
Crop images interactively.
Move and copy files.
Create HTML documents with clickable thumbnails of your digital images.
Acquire images from a scanner or digital camera.
Convert between digital video formats, such as AVI and QuickTime MOV movies.
Maintain an image database with keyword searching.
Run any function in batch mode.
View, convert and process images with full alpha channel transparency.
Print high-resolution paper catalogs of your picture collection.
Create Windows icons.
Create thumbnail arrays of your image collection.
Add text captions to your graphics.
Identify mystery graphic files.
Matt and frame your pictures.
Create animated screen savers from your graphics.
Quickly edit your pictures — just right-click on a file and select Paint.

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