Discovery Scientific Breeze Standard Edition v5.4

Breeze, Multiple Stream Video Processor, is a software tool operating with multiple streams of video sequences or/and individual images. It may play, record, convert, replay back and forth video sequences, view and edit images within local computer, via local intra net and Internet.

User interface of Breeze allows operating with video streams and individual images similarly, in a simple intuitive and uniform fashion. Breeze is a unique and effective tool for a side by side, comparative analysis of video and images in the number of areas such as professional sport, security, scientific, medical, video and photo editing applications.

Breeze supports 70+ picture and video formats, such as MPEG, VOB, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and YUV. It supports 50+ variants of YUV formats, and has a number of user interface features especially designed to play, view and convert YUV videos and images. Breeze is a �must have� tool for everybody who needs to work with YUV video and images.

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