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Photoshopcafe Final Cut Pro Essentials Learn To Edit Video Like a Pro

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This training DVD is designed to provide you with quick yet thorough lessons that cover all the essential information of Final Cut Pro. We know that most editors just want the nuts and bolts of how to use this powerful application. We also know that time is valuable so we designed all the lessons to get you in and out fast. With this outstanding training tool for Final Cut Pro, lessons with crystal clear screen captures will get you up to speed in a snap. You'll learn everything from editing video, to color correction, sound, keying out greenscreen for special effects to outputting for broadcast, tape, DVD and ipod. What are you waiting for? This is your entrance to the world of video!

- Intro to Interface
- Creating a Project
- Working with Photos
- Animate Photos, Filters, Mattes
- Importing audio, adjusting the volume
-Panning audio, keyframe the audio volume
- Logging and capturing, batch capturing
- Basic Editing Techniques.
- Ripple, Roll, Slip, Move, Slide and Slow Motion.
- Creating titles
- Transitions & Filters
- Audio Mixer tool
- Working with HDV
- 3-way Color Corrector
- Sophisticated 3D titles
- Multi Camera Editing
- Chroma and Luma Keying.
- Customizing your Keyboard
- Output to Tape
- Exporting to DVD, iPod and Web
- Tips and Tricks – Advanced Effects


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Вы здесь » Free » Tutorials. » Photoshopcafe Final Cut Pro Essentials Learn To Edit Video Like a Pro