TatukGIS Aerial Imagery Corrector v2.1.0.208 | WinAll | Full

The Aerial Imagery Corrector (AIC) is a stand-alone product designed to rectify, georeference, and mosaic aerial photos, satellite images, or raster maps to geographic coordinate systems. The AIC can generate image mosaics of unlimited size with the use of a SQL-based tiled image hierarchy storage system. The product supports industry-standard file types that are compatible with other GIS/CAD software products.
- Rectification method: Polynomial approximation method (1st, 2nd, and 3rd order calculations, using 3, 6 or 10 reference points)
- Supports 26 projections and 225 datums and all coordinate systems that can be defined from them
- Accepts most image and vector file types as reference files
- Unlimited rectified image output file size, including huge mosaics
- Support for most image and vector map file types as reference files
- Custom image export settings: extent, compression level, number of bits, resolution
- Generation of GeoTIFF images with LZW compression
- Output preview feature to save time by helping to spot errors in advance
- On screen editing of Ground Control Points
- Real time RMS calculations
- GCP coordinates, RMS values, etc. presented in table form
- Conversion between the supported image file types
- Integrated help file system and easy to follow tutorials

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