Edit your screenshots to perfection with our unique collection of tools, effects and functions. The intelligent interface helps both beginner and advanced graphic artists give life to their ideas.
With a full range of graphical tools and functions, SPX Editor handles most projects of low or high complexity. The tools available don't include "everything" but are rather selected from a list of the most recommended tools needed and suggested by our customers. You can start with a white canvas or load an image from your computer. Or - best of all - screen capture with SPX Instant Screen Capture and send it right to SPX Editor.
Selection :: Text :: Pen :: Highlight :: Line :: Eraser :: Shape :: Picker :: Fill :: Pan :: Airbrush :: Zoom :: Stamp :: color

Image Functions
Canvas size :: Rotate :: Scale :: Invert :: Mirror :: Grayscale :: Flip

Colors :: Fade Edge :: Gamma :: Torn Edge :: Blur :: Wave Edge :: Sharpen :: Pier Glass :: Laplacian Emboss :: CustomEdge Effect :: Edge Detection :: Custom Fade Effect :: Gaussian Blur :: Spotlight and Magnify :: Drop Shadow :: Perspective and Shear

Summary of features
Whichever way you start you'll be amazed how simple a graphical editor can be when it's not overloaded with useless features.

-= Tools available:=-
Selection - Select areas within your image using different shapes.
Pen - Enhance your image by using this tool to draw through your image.
Line - Enhance your image by inserting a variety of line types.
Shape - Use shapes to attract attention to specific areas within your image.
Fill - Enhance your image by filling in colors to specific areas.
Airbrush - Enhance your image with a color spray effect.
Stamp - The Stamp tool allows you to apply a range of graphics to your image.
Text - Enhance your image by adding text to areas within your image.
Highlight - Draw attention to particular areas of your image using the highlight tool.
Eraser - Erase colors within your image.
Picker - Identify the RGB values of the colors within your image.
Pan - If you enlarge your image, use the pan tool to navigate and bring other areas of the image into view.
Zoom - Magnify and reduce the view for your image.
Color - Pick foreground and background colors for your image.
-= Image functions: =-
Canvas Size - Use this function to adjust the size of the Canvas and the position of the image within the canvas.
Scale - Adjust the size of your image using this function.
Mirror - Show a mirror image of the image being edited using this function
Flip - Inverts your image accross its horizontal axis, essentially flipping it upside down.
Rotate - Rotate your image to varying degrees.
Invert - Use this function to invert the colors in your image.
Grayscale - Use this function to change your image to shades of gray.
-= Effects: =-
Colors - Use this function to adjust the tonal range, the hue (color), saturation, and the lightness of the entire image.
Gamma - Use this function to adjust the intensity of the colors in your image, and also for gamma correction.
Blur - Use this function to blur your image by an adjustable amount.
Sharpen - Use this function to add focus to your image and improve clarity.
Laplacian Emboss - Enhance your image using this function to create outlines of the edges of your image.
Edge Detection - The objective of edge detection is to locate the boundaries of objects of interest in an image. Use this tool to outline edges within your image.
Gaussian Blur - Use this function to impart and overall soft-focus blur to your image.
Drop Shadow - Attract attention to your image by using drop shadow, which gives depth illusion by making your image appear to float from the background.
Fade Edge - Enhance the edges of your image, by applying a fade effect.
Torn Edge - Enhance the edges of your image, by applying a torn edge effect.
Wave Edge - Enhance the edges of your image, by applying a wave edge effect.
Pierglass - Attract attention to your image by creating the effect of viewing the image through a pier glass.
Custom Edge Effect - Use this function to adjust settings for your torn edge effect.
Custom Fade Effect - Use this function to adjust settings for your fade edge effect.
Spotlight and Magnify - Draw attention to specific areas of your image by pulling specific areas from the screen while dimming and/or blurring background.
Perspective and Shear - Provide screenshots with a 3-D look, rotating the image horizontally, vertically or both.
-= Also available for most objects: =-
Drop shadow

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