123 Flash Menu is a powerful application that helps you create impressive and professional Flash menu within 3 steps.

The program offers Flash menu with auto-width, macro-style templates, tree-view templates that support external XML, sounds customization, dynamic template changing, HTML code viewing and copying, automatic menu updating, image customization, multiple language characters and publishing wizards. Providing multi-level Flash menu with fully customizable text, font, link, background, border style, shadow style and pop-up effects without any programming skill.

Hundreds of pre-created templates help you implement personalized menu.


• Hundreds of pre-made templates
• Fully customizable menu items, include font name, size, color and position
• Create multi language Flash menu
• Flash menu can be configured through an external XML file
• Support multiple menus inside one web page
• Automatic previewing
• Automatic Flash size recalculating
• Support embedded font
• Support all popular web browsers
• Menu item can be popped up on mouse click or hover
• Support sound event
• Generate the HTML code for web page automatically with the publish function
• Changing template dynamically
• Creating customized template
• Support advanced scripting inside the URL field
• Support viewing and copying the HTML wrapping codes
• Support image customization
• Various effects, like animations, gradients and transparent
• Menu item can be popped up or down
• Create single menu file for easier maintaining
• Support frame set
• Support both horizontal and vertical styles
• Horizontal bar automatically fit the width of Flash
• Customizable menu borders, include Color, Size and Emboss style
• Support menu shadow
• Support fading effect
• Support multi-level menu
• Support Flash compression
• A build-in web browser to help you test Flash menu easily

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