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Bentley Microstation XM v08.09.04.44 ISO

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Making design accessible

MicroStation V8 XM hits the mark! It brings immediate project throughput improvements without introducing the pain and delays that so often accompany advances this substantial. Organizations will find the transition to the new MicroStation V8 XM Edition easy.

The ease comes from three fundamental aspects which include:

An intuitive new interface
Places powerful new features within easy reach of the user. It includes a new keyboard position mapping capability which in tests has increased user performance and productivity by up to 300% when compared to the previous MicroStation version.

An unchanged DGN file format
Delivers continued V8 CAD standards support with full team interoperability between MicroStation and AutoCAD. Provides a critical and necessary level of consistency, on large, long-lasting, infrastructure projects, where file format changes are a disruptive and unwelcome addition.

Integrated Google Earth Tools
Enables users to publish DGN and DWG models to the Google Earth™ 2D/3D environment. Our Google technology integration doesn’t end there; users can also import SketchUp models directly from the 3DWarehouse to enrich their own design environments.

Adopters of V8 XM can increase their contributions to the many distributed enterprises using earlier versions of MicroStation or any version of AutoCAD.


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Можно зеркало на рапиду или торрент?


класс))) премного благодарна) всё скачалось и работает)))

Вы здесь » Free » 3D. » Bentley Microstation XM v08.09.04.44 ISO