The original version of SFX Machine quickly became the tool of choice for leading sound designers, composers and sample editors. It won electronic Musician's Editor's Choice Award as well as a Key Buy Award from Keyboard Magazine. Our new version, SFX Machine RT, features real-time processing and adds OS X and Windows support.

SFX Machine RT supports VST and Audio Unit formats and provides full MIDI parameter control for automated preset modification, using a simple MIDI learn system which allows new dimensions of interaction.

The Randomize button automatically adjusts the position of each of the non-volume sliders, making it easy to get an idea of the range of possibilities contained within each preset.

SFX Machine RT is like hundreds of plugins in one. (See the list of presets.) Maybe it won't be the only effects processor in your sonic arsenal, but it's an indispensable part of any balanced and nutritious audio software library. See what our users are saying!

At the heart of SFX Machine RT is a powerful modular synthesis engine. But you don't have to be an engineer to use it! The interface features the simplicity of a multi-effects box, allowing users to select and modify presets with just a few mouse clicks.


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