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Sibelius 5 (800$)

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Профессиональный нотный редактор для написания, воспроизведения, печати и публикации музыкальных партитур. В рамках данного продукта можно создавать собственный музыкальный CD диск и публиковать музыку в Интернете. Sibelius имеет интуитивный интерфейс и огромное количество функциональных возможностей (выбор из 1700 высококачественных шаблонов, звуков, инструментальных партий, лирики и т.п.).

Sibelius 5 represents the latest advance in the world’s favorite music software. We’ve listened to what Sibelius users have been asking for, and have spent many months adding fantastic enhancements for writing music, the latest technologies such as VST & Audio Units, and completely new features, such as the Ideas Hub.

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Sibelius Software Sibelius v5.0 HYBRID DVD

The fastest, smartest, easiest way to write music is now even better.

Whatever your musical style, Sibelius 5 makes writing scores a breeze - giving you more time to focus on the music. Stunning new features like Panorama mean you don’t need to think about pages while you’re composing or arranging. You can just let you creativity flow. Ideas Hub is a real first for music software. It lets you instantly capture your musical ideas, and then find them again in a second - so you’ll never lose another idea. Plus new, high-quality, built-in sounds play back your scores with astounding realism, because there’s no better way to perfect your music than by hearing it.

What's new in Sibelius 5
You can create audio files which can be converted to MP3s or burned to CD, produce instrumental parts effortlessly, compose for video, sell your music online and do hundreds of other things you might never have dreamed of.

Write and refine music easily
Sibelius is so easy to learn and use that you can start writing your first piece within minutes – not days! Discover the joys of writing music with a program that's simple and intuitive. And, of course, being able to change your music in the blink of an eye - no more rubbing out!

Hear your music
The easiest way to perfect your music is by hearing it. Just click the play button in Sibelius to hear your music performed with surprising realism, thanks to the built-in Sibelius Sounds Essentials library. Sibelius reads, understands and plays back all standard markings, and you can buy extra sound libraries for choral music, world music and more.

Print beautiful scores
The world’s largest sheet music publishers use Sibelius to produce the music you see in the shops. Now you can create the same standard of print-out. And with Sibelius, it’s just so easy.

Instrumental parts that magically update
Sibelius makes producing instrumental parts a joy. In fact, when you start your score,the parts are already there. You can flick between them using a simple drop-down. When you make a change to the full score, the relevant parts are automatically updated, and vice versa.

Never lose another idea
Ideas are precious. That’s why Sibelius 5 gives you the Ideas Hub - the easy way to capture, tag, find and bring together your musical ideas. With Ideas Hub, you’ll never let another flash of inspiration slip by again.

As well as your own ideas, Ideas Hub comes preloaded with over 2000 ready-made ideas. They cover all styles of music and help provide useful inspiration for your compositions.

Publish, or sell, your music online
As well as printed music, Sibelius publishes beautifully online, too. You can create web versions of scores which can be viewed by anyone using the free Scorch web browser plug-in. And you can easily start selling your scores online.


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parts 7 and 33 of the hybrid version, which are links and have been blocked by the filter at the place im downloading, ive tryed bypassing the filter but cant get around it, i don't suppose you could upload these two parts to rapidshare for a little while and youre welcome to delete them when ive downloaded them, its just kinda annoying to have nearly the whole thing


Part 7

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I have some problems in upload. Next part coming later-


thats great cheers


Part 33

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many thanks

Вы здесь » Free » Soft » Sibelius 5 (800$)