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Heroglyph is the ultimate solution for creative cutters with higher needs
Advanced Videotitling and tricky text animation

* Credits
* Text including video, graphic, photo textures
* Subtitles direct on video
* Auto-animated text rolls like "Star Wars"
* Text jitter and randomization

Multivisions with countless video and photo sources

* Videowalls in 3D space
* Flying PiPs (picture-in-picture)
* Video raster and splits
* Auto-animated slideshows in 3D space

Compositions of photo/video/text

* Lower thirds animations
* Video/Photo/Textcombinations direct on video
* Extensive layout functions and built-in assistants

Path animation - sensational simply

* Travelroute animation quite simply
* Wandering (animated) symbols on routes or paths
* Text on path (autom. character/word/object orientated)
* animated Handwritings with no need for keyframing
* Animated drawings

Trailer with customizable templates

* Cinema-trailer
* Film-trailer

First install proDAD Heroglyph v2.5.21.

Second use Import Licence File

Third use proDAD Heroglyph v2.6.24 (Update)


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