MIXVIBES DVS uses revolutionary and innovative technology, ensuring that you experience THE genuine vinyl feeling when mixing digital audio files. It is the only product that allows you to control your PC using either turntables or CD players WITHOUT any specific hardware!

> direct plug from vinyl turtables to your pc
> compatible with most sound cards
> no skipping or drifting
> low latency
> high quality vinyl sound,
> scratch, needle drop, master tempo

> No special hardware needed
Mixvibes DVS is the ONLY product, that allow you to plug DIRECTLY your vinyl turntable(s) (like Technics SL1200 MkII) or CD player(s) to any sound card with a stereo LINE input. NO RIAA preamp or external "boxes" are needed !

> Compatible with all sound cards
MixVibes DVS works with ALL SOUND CARD, one of the differences between them is the latency. If your main use will be scratching, a good sound card (ASIO) are advised. MixVibes DVS supports many kinds of sound configurations: pci, integrated motherboard, usb or firewire sound cards and multichannel sound cards (5.1..).

> Low latency
MixVibes supports ASIO sound cards and exclusive ASIO emulation (kernel driver) allowing lowest latency with ALL SOUND CARDS! The latency will depend on your sound card and system configuration (and can drop to 1.5ms).

> No drifting
The NDS (never drifting system) assure that the cue point for scratch don't move. While a mix, it assure NO DRIFTING too often in bad conditions (vinyl scratches, instant low resources, rumble...).

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