You may wonder why your PC is not operating as fast as you expect from it. Frequently it's all up to you and you have enough power to enhance you system. Remember that your Windows wants to be treated in a particular way and it won't push its performance to the limits unless it gets such treatment. Premium Booster will take care of your Windows erasing any remaining doubts whether your system performs at its best! It will optimize and compact your registry, cleaning it from trash. Program also provides you with the means to filter out malicious records which will make your Windows more stable than ever before.

How it works
At first Premium Booster will scan your PC for known errors to see if there's a problem. Then it will search for solutions which will allow to correct found problems. The program has a really friendly interface and allows you to fix all errors within 1 mouse click.

Premium Booster has a built in startup wizard with a large database of known programs. You can view the list of autorun/startup applications, read information about the program (taken from our database) and decide whether you really need this program to be loaded at startup. This will allow you to eliminate spyware/adware modules from autorun list and also this way you can gain some free memory which won't be allocated by useless modules.

Premium Booster will also protect your system against known malware ActiveX components so that they can't be loaded into memory using known registry keys.

Benefits which Premium Booster gives you
You can find other programs which are designed to take care of your system, but Premium Booster has some advantages which you may not find in other products:

:: Safe and easy to use
:: Powerful and easy to use backup/restore functionality
:: "Boost your PC"
:: 1 click optimization feature
:: Automatic detection and repair of different types of problems
:: Protect your PC against known of malware programs
:: Compress or Defrags Registry
:: Manage your Startup Programs based on danger level and additional description
:: Contains a set of Windows tweaks.
:: This can really optimize performance of your OS
:: Designed for Windows Vista™, XP, 2000, NT, Me, 98, 95

Premium Booster is easy to install and operate. You don't need to have any specific skills to work with the program.

Unique Features
- "Boost your PC"
- 1 click optimization feature
- powerful, easy to use
- Windows Tweaking
- White / Skip List
- Powerful System Restore Manager

- Easy to use
- Automatic removal
- Manual removal
- Shows Scan Progress
- Indicates Registry Severity
- Backup / Restore Registry
- Compress or Defrags Registry
- Registry Defragmentation Map
- Protects against malware ActiveX / Spyware
- Individual Undo
- Complex Undo
- Exporting / Importing

Program Cleaning
- Clean Windows add/remove Software List
- Checks Obsolete Start Menu Items
- Scans For Invalid Program Shortcuts
- Uninstall Information
- Most Recently Used Files
- Manage Startup Programs
- Indicates Startup Programs Severity
- Startup Programs database with descriptions and recommendations

Registry Cleaning
- Invalid Class Keys
- Invalid Help Files
- Obsolete Start Menu Items
- Invalid CLSID / Typelib / Interface Entries
- Invalid Shared/known DLLs
- Shared Folders
- Com/Activex
- Invalid Paths
- Application Path keys /Orphan References
- Invalid fonts
- Invalid File Types / Extensions/ Entries
- Sound and Appevents
- Invalid Shell Extension
- Virtual Device Drivers

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