Having trouble understanding Vue´s Function Editor? Not sure what settings and nodes are needed to create amazing procedural terrains? Advanced Terrain Creation will teach you just that and more.

Master of Vue 5 & 6 Infinite, instructor Nicholas Pellegrino, will show you everything you need to know about working with procedural terrains in Vue 6 Infinite/XStream. Over 4 hours of in-depth training.

Learn the differences between Noise and Fractal Nodes, and understand how you can use them together, for complete control over your terrain. Learn how you can use custom painted Standard Terrains, and add an infinite amount of detail, without loosing your original shape.

Explore the various Filter Nodes, and learn to use them to modify your terrains,
to create an almost endless amount of shapes and details. Learn when and where to use Vue´s powerful Math Nodes.

- See all the possibilities that Turbulence Nodes have to offer, and create
terrains you never thought were possible.
- Pick apart every type of Fractal Node, and learn which to use in every situation.
- Learn to use the Combiner Nodes, and create amazing variations of nodal surfaces.
- Use Texture Maps to control ratios, for the highest amount of control..
- and much more...


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