Better Homes and Gardens Landscaping and Deck Designer is the latest in outdoor design software by Chief Architect. Planning the perfect outdoor living space has never been easier with powerful tools for landscaping, decks and patios, site planning, and cost estimation. Choose from a variety of over 1,500 plants with Plant Chooser and start designing today!

Powerful Design Software
Plan and design the perfect outdoor living space! Landscaping and Deck Designer makes it easy to quickly design the virtual look and feel of your backyard, deck, patio, pool or any outdoor project. Just point-and-click to add pre-arranged landscaping beds and any of over 4,000 library items to your design. Choose from an array of terrain feature and design tools. It's quick and it's easy!

When you need inspiration and ideas for your design, just turn to the Design Inspiration Gallery for help. Look through a collection of beautiful photographs to spark your creativity. Or get expert advice, tips and techniques from the editors of Better Homes and Gardens magazines. We've gathered all the information and inspiration you need!

Landscaping and Deck Designer makes it easy! Use valuable resources like Plant Chooser, Design Planning Center and over 2,000 plants, trees and shrubs to place and arrange in your outdoor living space.


* Plant Chooser--Find the plant you want with this newly designed search tool! Search according to shade and sun requirements, growth attributes, deer resistance, ease of growth and, much, more!
* Exclusive Design Planning Center for expert design advice, tips, and guidelines.
* Landscaping templates designed by Better Homes and Gardens quickly places pre-arranged landscaping beds.
* Terrain Wizard imports the specifications of your terrain.
* Choose from a Library of more than 4,000 items for your designs, including over 1,500 plants.
* Design and visualize in 3D, including Virtual Tours.
* Import your own photos of houses, plants, people, and more.

Decks and Patios

* Design single or multi-level decks with Deck Designer tools, complete with automatic deck framing.
* Patio Design assigns materials like concrete, brick, or Cultured Stone.
* Create retaining walls that follow the shape of your terrain.
* Layout your deck, add stairs, place and arrange outdoor furniture.
* Deck foundations automatically generate to match sloped lots.
* Quickly add water features to your landscape with round and kidney shaped ponds and stream tools.
* Automatic deck railings with height adjustments.

Outdoor Living

* Use the Design Inspiration Center with a gallery of images to help plan your landscaping and outdoor living space.
* Create custom landscaping plans in 2D and 3D.
* Choose from a Library of more than 4,000 items.
* Material Painter allows you to apply materials to individual items--change the color of your patio set, texture of your flooring, and more.
* Fence Designer tools let you click-and-drag to follow the shape of your yard.
* Design the exterior of your home or import a photo and add landscaping.

Site Planning & Estimating

* Landscape design tools easily create hills and valleys for custom landscapes.
* Use the Growth Slider tool to see what your plants will look like in 0-20 years.
* Use powerful Fence, Garden, Driveway, Path, and Terrain Feature tools.
* Create plot and perimeter plans; automatically generate a 3D model of your actual terrain.
* Automatically generate a materials list to estimate costs.
* Sprinkler Designer tool easily lays out sprinkler zones.

Better Home and Gardens Landscaping and Deck Designer provides even more tools for all outdoor projects including Landscaping, Decks & Patios, Water Features, Outdoor Living, Site Planning and Cost Estimating. Find your plants with a newly designed search tool. Import your own photos and arrange plants exactly the way you want. Landscaping templates quickly place pre-arranged landscaping beds. Terrain Wizard imports the specifications of your terrain. Choose from a Library of more than 5,500 items for your designs, including over 2,000 plants. The Exclusive Better Homes and Gardens Plant Encyclopedia and Plant Hardiness Zone Reference maps are included.


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