Record-Anything (former name Mini Recorder) is a revolutionary recorder software for MS Windows. Unlike other over-complicated products, Record-Anything focuses primarily on user experience. You’ll be astonished at how easy it is to record sound and how good the result quality would be.

Features List:
•Records any sound playing through the sound card. (Music played through MS Media Player, streaming audio, game sound, video sound, voice chat content, etc.)
•Always one click away in the systray.
•Record first and name later. Instead of asking for the filename to save, Record-Anything starts recording immediately after you click on the tray icon.
•Encoding on-the-fly into MP3 files in a wide range of quality choices. Mono and VBR is also supported.
•Systray visualization of recording audio data.
•Smart recording volume optimizer to help determine ideal recording volume and minimize sound quality loss.
•Concise and user-friendly configuration interface.
•ID3 V1 tag writer integrated with the save file dialog.
•New in 2.8: Hotkey(Ctrl+Alt+O) , Voice Email, and more.

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