Search Engine Composer enables you to create a web site search engine for online or offline usage. It automatically indexes a specified web site or local file structure, and builds a complete search engine, ready to use. The search engine works with Internet, Intranet and CD/DVD offline search, and also provides visitor search reports, including top 50 keywords, and search activity reports.

The search engine can be either Java based, which requires no additional server components and can be used on CDs, or it can use PHP, which requires that your server is running PHP. The program is easy to use and offers a step-by-step interface and additional options to customize the search and result pages with use of templates. You can specify the file extensions to index (with support for PDF) and include pages or sections of a site, let the user search sections of a site and more. A quick and easy solution, if you need a search engine, without the need for any programming experience.

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