progeCAD 2007 is here! Our leading software come now with a new powerful release able to read and write AutoCAD 2007 DWG files

progeCAD 2007, powered by the most recent IntelliCAD engine, is an easy replacement for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT!

progeCAD 2007 contains many important new features and enhancements to offer all the customers an unparalleled stability and speed.

progeCAD 2007 fits nicely as a replacement for higher cost CAD engines

progeCAD 2007 is the powerful upgrade of progeCAD 2006 that has enjoyed widespread success around the world

Other CAD platforms are up to 10 times more expensive without any additional features.

* reads and writes AutoCAD DWG files from 2.5 to 2007, the files you work with everyday!
* has industry standard AutoCAD Commands
* has AutoCAD Menu, Script, Font Compatibility
* has AutoLISP Compatibility!
* has Advanced Rendering Options
* is built with ACIS Solid Modeling included
* can import and edit your Raster Images
* has Express Tools
* export to PDF and JPG
* convert from PDF to DWG
* comes with near 10,000 standard symbols and blocks
* supports RedLine and Markup made by progeCAD Viewer DWG

progeCAD 2007 is a real "CAD evolution"


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