Alive DVD Ripper is an professional dvd-ripper software to convert your favorite DVD movies to popular video formats, which include MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DVD/VCD/SVCD, AVI, DivX, XviD, MS MPEG-4, Cinepak. With a very easy to use interface you can also convert VOB, MPEG files into above formats. Alive DVD Ripper supports NTSC and PAL, and exports excellent video and audio quality.
In addition, the intuitive interface makes Alive DVD Ripper the perfect tool for both new and experienced users. It supports batch file converting, and automatically shutdown computer after ripping done. Alive DVD Ripper gives also you the ability to change different subtitle and language from DVD, and alters with volume and width*height adjusting, and full conversion options and more!
Key features:
1. DVD to AVI, VCD/SVCD, Divx/XviD.
2. DVD to Divx, you get the same quality, 10% disk space.
3. Both MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 supported.
4. Great video and audio quality, and high ripping speed.
5. Batch converting mode.
6. Convert each chapter from DVD to an individual file.
7. Copy DVD movie to hard drive without any loss of quality.
8. Support Dolby surround.
9. Allows you to select language and subtitle from DVD.
10. Support PAL and NTSC.
11. Easy and simple to use. One click to start ripping dvd.
Formats supported:
- Convert DVD to VCD;
- Convert DVD to SVCD;
- Convert DVD to DivX;
- Convert DVD to MPEG1;
- Convert DVD to MPEG2;
- Convert DVD to MPEG4;
- Convert DVD to XviD;
- Convert DVD to AVI;
- Convert VOB to VCD;
- Convert VOB to SVCD;
- Convert VOB to DivX;
- Convert VOB to XviD;
- Convert VOB to MPEG1;
- Convert VOB to MPEG2;
- Convert VOB to MPEG4;
- Convert VOB to AVI;
- more...

Size: 1.75 MB

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