Finally, an easy-to-use database program designed specifically for DAZaholics! Use it to organize your entire 3D collection, whether products are installed, archived on your computer, or stored on disks. Don't let valuable products go unused simply because you don't remember you have them. Never buy duplicate items again. Easily track and retrieve bundle contents. Access detailed information about your collection even when products disappear from vendor websites. Store serial numbers, clickable links, tutorials, and favorite renders where you'll never lose them.

Put powerful searches and sorts at your fingertips! Browse pictures of outfits, hairstyles, and props. Make a web catalog of all the products you own from a specific vendor or brokered artist. Sort items any way you want, including by title, price, product code, or character.

Answer important questions about your collection that go beyond just finding out if you have a particular item. How much does the platinum club really save you? What is your collection worth, including the value of all those weekly DAZ freebies? Which items are standalone and which require additional products? 3D Content Database can help you quickly answer these questions and many others.

A starter database, purchase history import, and cut/paste functions will put this program to work for you right away. It’s never been easier to get organized. Remember, every minute you spend looking through order histories, drives, and disks trying to find stuff is time you don't get to spend creating and rendering.

This product is for Windows only.

This product is available for PC Only
* Powerful, fast, and efficient database
o Organize your entire 3D collection (up to 20,000 items per database)
o Use multiple databases or just one
o Create your own folders, categories, and vendor lists
o Customize icons and adjust interface views
o Add, delete, and clone records
o Attach files to records as needed and bookmark frequently used products
o Back up your database, optimize it, and/or restrict access with a password
o View pictures of your items, not just product titles
o Print meaningful reports
o Create Web Catalogs of selected products or all of your items
* Drop & Drag Import Feature
o Save time by importing your DAZ Purchase History
o Import order histories from other 3D Content vendors also
* User-Friendly, tabbed entry form with cut & paste features
o Enter detailed product information, including promo images
o Customizable vendor lists (Preset values include DAZ, PoserPros, & Renderosity)
o Customizable icons, folders, and categories
o Enter product links (www), feature lists, and user notes
o Use the Render tab to store favorite images of each product and related information
* Rapid searching and sorting functions
o Search the database for a specific product
o List all the items from a particular vendor or Brokered Artist
o Search any field or the entire database for a specific word
o Sort products any way you want (e.g., by title, ID, price, category, etc.)
* Special fields increase sorting and searching abilities
o Wishlist Items
o Mark Items as Standalone items or items requiring additional products
o Distinguish between Purchased items and Freebies, PC items and other items
o Record Regular Price, Sale Price, and Platinum Club Price

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