Advance Steel is a powerful 3D steelwork modelling, detailing and material listing system from Graitec that runs in AutoCAD. Advance Steel is ideal for modelling building structures, mezzanine floors, stairs and ladders, and secondary steelwork. It is fully integrated with AutoCAD, includes AutoLisp and COM programming interfaces for users to create their own customised macros, and links to 3D analysis and design software, so that the design engineer's model can be fully re-used.

Co-developed by CADS for various local market requirements, its advanced object oriented functionality provides powerful tools to quickly create, review and edit all types of structural and secondary steelwork including both hot and cold rolled. Advance Steel delivers the same functionality as Xsteel and StruCad (and more in many instances) but at a fraction of the price of that software.

All parts including any custom objects can be numbered automatically and clash checked followed by the automatic production of drawings and material lists. DSTV NC files and cold rolled CAM data can also be extracted from the model automatically saving much time and eliminating errors.

Full AutoCAD integration allows DWG files from other disciplines to be combined with Advance Steel models using Xrefs, blocks, `drag and drop´ etc allowing clash checking, listing and visualisation of the whole construction.

Advance Steel provides full support for a complete range of cold rolled products, including profiles and connections. Each leading manufacturer´s products are accessed via their own icon on the cold rolled toolbar. When a member changes size or position the adjoining connections are automatically updated.

Advance Steel also includes AutoLisp (enhancing standard AutoLisp to include Advance Steel commands) and COM (VBA, C++) programming interfaces. This means that users can create their own customised macros for specialist requirements.

Advance Steel links to 3D Analysis & Design Software such as SMART Portal3D to fully re-use the design engineer's model. The result is a standard 3D model complete with member sizes and part numbers. This feature also means that Engineers can use Advance Steel to clash-check their designs.


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