The award-winning Digital Media Training Series presents Inside Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. In this 6+ hour training instructor Terry Nauheim, demonstrates how to professionally use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit projects for events, DVD, web, and broadcast.

By working on a real-world wedding video project, Terry covers in detail major topics including editing techniques; color correction; audio mixing; compositing; and much more. Project files are included so you can work alongside Terry. This training is a must for new users of Premiere Pro, in addition to video editors familiar with earlier versions of Premiere.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Lesson 1: Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro
1. Introduction to Inside Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro
2. Introduction to Premiere Pro
3. Understanding Basic Video Editing Concepts

Lesson 2: Premiere Pro Set-Up
1. Introduction
2. Hardware Set-Up
3. Setting-Up Premiere Pro
4. Interface Layout and Customization
5. Tour of Preferences

Lesson 3: Capturing Media
1. Introduction to Media Capture
2. Tour of the Capture Window
3. Logging Clips
4. Capturing Media
5. Additional Capture Features in Premiere Pro
6. Importing Assets
7. Browser Organization

Lesson 4: Basic Editing in Premiere Pro
1. Editing Introduction
2. Basic Assembly
3. Understanding the Timeline
4. Basic Trimming
5. Using Markers

Lesson 5: Advanced Editing in Premiere Pro
1. Introduction
2. Advanced Trimming- Ripple, Roll, Slip, and Slide
3. Changing Clip Speed
4. Nesting Sequences
5. Additional Editing Features- (4-point Editing)

Lesson 6: Compositing and Animation
1. Compositing Introduction
2. Basic Compositing
3. Titling with the Adobe Title Designer
4. Importing Photoshop Files
5. Transition Effects
5. Working with After Effects

Lesson 7: Color Correction
1. Introduction to Color Correction
2. Video Scopes and Terminology
3. Technical Color Correction: White Balancing *watch free video lesson
4. Technical Color Correction: Color Matching
5. Ensuring Broadcast Safety

Lesson 8: Audio Editing
1. Introduction to Audio Editing
2. Basic Timeline Audio Editing
3. Mixing Audio
4. Preparing 5.1 Dolby Surround
5. Apply Audio Effects

Lesson 9: Output
1. Introduction to Output
2. Tour of the Adobe Media Encoder
3. Output for DVD (Encore DVD)
4. Output for the Web
5. Output to Tape
6. Additional Output Options (AAF, Batch Lists)


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