Readiris Pro 11 is one of the most powerful and accurate OCR solutions designed for home and professional users. When you need to convert any paper, PDF or image documents into digital files that you can edit, share and save, Readiris Pro 11 will do it all. It retypes scanned documents and image files and converts PDF files in editable text, maintaining the original layout and offering an unprecedented speed and OCR accuracy. A powerful productivity booster for flatbed scanners, "all-in-one" devices, and digital cameras, Readiris Pro can revolutionize the way you scan and convert documents.

Document Preparation in Three Easy Steps

Turning hardcopy text, images or PDFs into editable text is as easy as 1,2,3. First, you scan your document with your flatbed scanner, or open a PDF file or image document. (Readiris Pro 11 is compatible with the most commonly used images and PDF files.). Once the file is opened in the software, you click on "recognize and save," and within seconds your document is converted into and editable digital file. The final step is to export your document into you favorite application, such as Word, Excel, Acrobat (PDF), Internet Explorer (HTML), and more.

Readiris Pro will save you incredible amounts of retyping time. The program's new OCR engine is optimized for speed and accuracy and features over 70 new major improvements from previous versions. Not only will Readiris Pro 11 give you 30 percent greater text accuracy, its advanced Autoformat technology perfectly retains the layout of the original document in the output. And most amazingly, it can perform these tasks with 126 languages. (The software's user interface is localized in 21 languages; see "System Requirements" for a list of the supported interface languages.)

The Ideal PDF Solution
Readiris Pro can open your PDF file (even read-only PDFs) and generate four different types of PDF files: fully searchable Image over Text, Text over Image, Text only and Image only. You can also edit your PDF into several of the supported output formats, such as Word and Excel. And when you need to scan text into a PDF file, Readiris Pro can do that as well. You can convert your incoming faxes, letters, or any paper documents into fully searchable PDF files quickly and accurately. It couldn't be any quicker or easier.

Multi-Page Scanning Ability and More

Readiris Pro features a convenient interval scanning mode that allows you to manually set the time interval between scans to greatly simplify the scanning process for multi-page documents on a flatbed scanner. This multi-page mode applies to both hard-copy as well as digital documents, such as such as TIFF or PDF files.

With support for the new Microsoft formats WordML and Spreadsheet ML, Readiris lets you accurately reproduce any kind of table in your Office documents. Based on XML, the new formats generate richer editing and formatting of files that are optimized for Windows Office 2003. Your tables can be perfectly reproduced in Excel 2003, retaining the text and even the colored background. Readiris Pro even lets you digitize hand-printed notes and 23 types of barcodes, including 2-D barcodes. The information contained in your barcode is automatically retyped into your application.


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