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Logo Design Studio v3.1.0.0 Retail + Addon

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Don't be limited to a single logo design concept from an overpriced design firm. Get easy recognition of your name, image, symbol, icon or trademark using the flexible tools of Logo Design Studio Pro, the #1 selling logo design software (based on NPD Techworld reporting from May 2005 - Present).

Logo Design Studio Pro offers the greatest range of designer tools to help you quickly and easily create an identity from your own library of uniquely branded logos and graphic images. By modifying or importing images, shapes, graphic objects and text, each professionally designed logo included in the software is able to produce thousands of unique results - all in a matter of minutes! If your identity evolves or completely changes at any time, simply recreate a new company logo design at no additional cost.

The unmatched features of Logo Design Studio include:

 Over 850 logo design objects.
 Professionally designed high quality artwork.
 Over 200 industry based logo templates.
 Slogan and tagline resource library.
 Special effects such as Shadows, Blurs, Embossing & Frames.


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Вы здесь » Free » Design. » Logo Design Studio v3.1.0.0 Retail + Addon