FileMaker Pro is the #1-selling easy-to-use database software for Windows and Mac OS that helps you manage people, projects, assets and more — the easy way!

 Get started quickly
The award-winning ease of use that is built into every aspect of FileMaker Pro continues to be praised by millions of customers and industry experts around the world. With its easy installation and setup, you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes — not hours or days.

 Gather your information in one place
Information comes in many forms, from business cards to Microsoft® Excel files, images to SQL Server data – FileMaker Pro helps you bring it all together with a few clicks. Convert Excel spreadsheets and other files to FileMaker Pro databases for easier searching, sorting, reporting, and sharing. Or use powerful productivity features designed to make data entry much faster and more accurate.

 Instant access to the information you need
Use FileMaker Pro to organize, sort through, and find information from individual contacts to large data sets. When someone calls, you will have the contact history, the project state, or the shipment status right at hand. Bring up records by date, location, or content. Create formulas and calculations and summaries. You will be amazed how easy it is to be informed.

 Report and communicate all your information
Transform data into useful information by creating reports and layouts that work the way you do. FileMaker Pro comes complete with step-by-step tools that help you create reports and then email them to your colleagues as Adobe® PDF or Excel files. Or choose from hundreds of pre-defined templates for labels and envelopes to help get the word out with ease.

 Power to take you further
Build powerful yet flexible custom applications using the FileMaker Pro relational database management system. Design complete scalable solutions for your organization and automate repetitive tasks with the powerful scripting language, all without the help of a programmer.

 Built-in network sharing and security
Securely sharing databases is easy with FileMaker Pro. Windows and Mac OS FileMaker Pro users on the same network can access the same database file simultaneously. And with the advanced security model in FileMaker Pro, you can determine what your users can do and see.

 Connect with the Web
Publishing basic web forms or web-based status updates and lists is simple with the Instant Web Publishing feature built into FileMaker Pro. You can create web forms for event sign-ups, customer feedback and service requests. Or setup security privileges for your clients so they can login through their web browser to get a status update. And you can harness the information that is available on the Web by using the FileMaker Web Viewer to get real-time information from the Web that is associated with your data without having to open a Web browser.


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FileMaker Pro Advanced v9.1 R3

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