Learn to program a Flash based Mp3 music player using Actionscript 3. The tutorial and features list includes...

Dynamically load track locations from a text document (or simply write them in the Flash file). Easily update your player without republishing by simply editing file names (like "track1.mp3" ) in a text document. Use ID3 tags (embedded meta-data) in the MP3 file to display track name, artist, album and year. All this player requires is the location of your MP3 file, you do NOT have to specify the track info yourself.

• Change the audio balance by sliding between the left and right speakers. This is the first two types of sliders you'll learn to programm, the volume slider is the second.
• Minimize or Maximize the player (using that triangle in the bottom right). Switch the player to a more compact mode while not choosing tracks. You can decide how much you want to mask out.
• Spectrum bars animate based on highs and lows of the left and right speakers. Yes finally a player with working spectrum bars. You can adjust the visuals for this to look however you want.
• You always have the option to change the visual appearance of the player. Tint it, stretch it, brand it, do whatever you want to the player art.
• Drag it! The entire player can be repositioned by dragging the shell.


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