CADWorx is COADE`s integrated series of AutoCAD based tools for plant design that provides intelligent drawing/database connectivity, advanced levels of automation, easy-to-use drafting tools, and the industry`s first link between CAD and engineering analysis programs.


COADE CADWorx Datasheets v2008
COADE CADWorx Equipment V2008
COADE CADWorx IP v2008
COADE CADWorx Plant Pro v2008
COADE CADWorx P And ID Pro v2008
COADE CADWork Steel Pro v2008

CADWorx Datasheets
CADWorx Datasheets consists of instrument and equipment datasheet modules that can be used standalone or to leverage intelligent data by linking to CADWorx P&ID Professional project databases.

CADWorx Steel Professional & CADWorx Steel
CADWorx Steel is a full-featured steel modeling package that allows users to quickly insert steel members into their design or build complex steel structures with full coping and database capabilities. The CADWorx Steel module is included with CADWorx Plant. The CADWorx Steel Professional module is included with CADWorx Plant Professional.

CADWorx Equipment
CADWorx Equipment is a parametric equipment modeler with all the features needed to easily model 3D equipment for plant design. The package lets you accurately build units such as vessels, exchangers, tanks, pumps, etc. quickly and effortlessly. Also, vessels and exchangers can be bi-directionally linked to COADE’s PVElite package for engineering analysis.

CADWorx Plant Professional & CADWorx Plant
The CADWorx Plant suites supply the most complete range of tools for hassle-free plant design. Piping, equipment, steel, HVAC and cable trays and database links are all included. CADWorx Plant Professional also features CADWorx Equipment, ISOGEN, NavisWorks® Roamer and live database links.

CADWorx IP (Internet Publisher)
Allows the users to publish their P&ID projects in a web based format allowing users access to drawings, reports and underlying database information from browser. Distributive design and information sharing has finally come of age in the plant design world!

CADWorx P&ID Professional & CADWorx P&ID
CADWorx P&ID gives users the flexibility to create process diagrams with varying levels of information and with the minimum of effort. CADWorx P&ID Professional also features CADWorx Loops, CADWorx IP (Internet Publisher) and live database links.


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