Corel MediaOne Plus is the fast, fun and easy photo & video software for your digital camera! Now you can quickly and easily improve and enhance your photos in an instant with only a few clicks; download, view and show off your video clips; make scrapbooks, greeting cards, calendars, collages, and more by choosing from hundreds of professionallydesigned creative templates; email, print or make slide shows of your memories that even include your favorite music, and backup your entire photo collection online automatically.

Corel MediaOne Starter: This free download provides everything you need to easily organize, enhance, share, and protect your digital photos. It includes a 30-day preview of the advanced photo- and video-editing features offered by Corel MediaOne Plus. With a minimum of clicks, users can apply photo fixes, as well as create photo projects and slide shows that are perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Corel MediaOne Plus: The premium edition of Corel MediaOne includes all the basic organization and sharing options of Corel MediaOne Starter, as well as more advanced, yet easy-to-use, photo- and video-editing features. Corel MediaOne Plus also provides more options for creating unique slide shows, advanced video-editing features, and additional project templates. Corel MediaOne Plus has everything you need to make the most of your photos & video clips.


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