Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered personal studio systems offer everything you need to create music affordably with professional results. These systems range from mixing interfaces that sit at the center of your project studio to unique hybrid instrument interfaces and portable setups small enough to fit in your pocket.

 Audio & MIDI I/O
When choosing a Pro Tools personal studio system, you’ll want to know how many simultaneous channels of audio/MIDI I/O you’ll need. Do you plan on using your system to record a full band? If so, you’ll want to get one that has enough inputs and outputs, such as the 003 Factory or M-Audio FireWire 1814. Alternatively, if you simply want to record yourself, a system with fewer inputs and outputs such as M-Audio Fast Track Pro will have you covered.

 In Your Studio or On the Go
While all Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered systems are small enough to be considered portable, you may want to ask yourself just how portable your system will need to be. Will you be using your system on the go with a laptop, or do you think your system will mainly stay in your home studio? Choose a member of the Mbox 2 family for a fully-featured studio on the go. For the ultimate in portability, grab an M-Audio Transit and Pro Tools M-Powered software. Alternatively, the Delta 1010 with Pro Tools M-Powered 7 software or the 003 are both excellent desktop audio production solutions. Deciding where you plan to use your system should help narrow the number of Pro Tools personal studio solutions that are right for you.

 Creative Possibilities
Deciding what is important to your music creation environment is key to choosing the right system. Both Pro Tools LE 7 and Pro Tools M-Powered 7 software offer nearly identical feature sets (audio and MIDI track counts, editing and mixing features, etc.). Pro Tools LE systems are all-in-one solutions that come bundled with Pro Tools LE software and the Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2/Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 Pro — an impressive collection of creative third-party instrument and effects plug-ins, applications, and more. Pro Tools M-Powered software and compatible M-Audio interfaces are sold separately, and offer a broader range of hardware peripheral choices, including unique instrument interface options like Ozonic or Black Box.

 Hands-on Mixing
Knowing whether or not you’ll want a dedicated control surface to operate your Pro Tools personal studio system will also help dictate which system is right for you. If you prefer working with faders and knobs rather than a mouse and QWERTY keyboard, the 003 or ProjectMix I/O with Pro Tools M-Powered software are ideal choices. Keep in mind, however, that if you choose a Pro Tools LE or Pro Tools M-Powered system without an integrated control surface, you can always add a Digidesign Command|8 control surface for hands-on mixing capabilities.


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