Finale is the most powerful tool for turning ideas into music. Hundreds of features are at your fingertips in Finale’s intuitive interface, making it easier to bring your music to life faster. New for 2008 – more efficient cut/copy/paste/insert and other interface improvements to streamline workflow.

Finale can help you create it. More choices and options mean unlimited musical possibilities. Create anything, and perfect the smallest detail. New for 2008 – Record or import an audio track - a Finale exclusive.

Superb playback thanks to the integrated KONTAKT Player 2. Rich sounds provided by the makers of the Garritan Personal Orchestra, included for free. With Finale, you get the best in everything for your music. New for 2008 – more world-class Garritan sounds and integrated sound libraries.

Finale is the world’s best-selling music notation software, preferred by professional musicians, composers, engravers, and educators.


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